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JHS 3 Series Phaser Pedal

Vintage-inspired 6-stage Phaser Pedal at a Steal Add a half-century of classic phaser effects to your sound with the JHS 3 Series Phaser Pedal! Rather than spend the hundreds if not thousands of dollars on vintage units, the 3 Series Phaser equips you with vintage sounds inspired by the phasers of the 1970s at a

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JHS 3 Series Hall Reverb Pedal

Cavernous and Otherworldly Reflections Come to the 3 Series Much like JHS’s other pedals in this series, everything is accomplished with a simple set of three controls and a toggle switch. Verb, Dampen, and Decay controls let you dial in the perfect level of reverb with the ability to cut down on high frequencies and

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JHS 3 Series Flanger Pedal

The Best of Classic Flange Effects at a Great Price The JHS 3 Series Flanger Pedal takes inspiration from vintage flangers just like these, packing decades of delectable modulation in a single pedal priced for all! Though seemingly simple on the surface, the 3 Series Flanger boasts a wide range of flanger sounds controllable from

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