Roland KD-200-MS Acoustic V Kick Drum Pad

Rp15.650.000 Rp12.520.000

With the Roland KD-200-MS, you can now add acoustic realism and visual flair to any V-Drums kit. This 20-inch electronic kick drum pad packs no-compromise performance into a compact-sized, full-depth wood shell. Its cutting-edge sensor system moves air inside the shell, so it really feels like you’re playing an acoustic kick drum. Of course, it looks the part, too. Advanced triggering within the shell helps transmit every stroke and double with minimal risk of false triggering or machine gunning. Meanwhile, telescoping spurs reduce movement on carpet, wood, or concrete. If you’re a V-Drummer who’s itching to move some real air again, look no further than the Roland KD-200-MS.

Adds acoustic flair and realism to any V-Drums kit
Real 16-inch x 20-inch wood shell
Cutting-edge sensor system moves air inside the shell for a real acoustic drum feel
Advanced triggering reduces false triggering and machine gunning
Telescoping spurs minimize movement

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