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The 5U4 is the classic 1930’s “Coke* Bottle” rectifier tube and is used to produce more sag compared to silicon diodes components which are part of the power supply to convert AC to DC
The Bugera 5U4 is built to exacting specifications and it enables the dynamic supply of current that is essential to creating the highly sought-after spongy yet controlled feel on your strings
This rectifier tube produces the traditional vintage “sag” with the super-elastic and compressed feel that makes your guitar sing
With its amazing performance and exceptional structural quality, the Bugera 5U4 is your first choice for your amp

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Bugera premium-grade 5U4 rectifier tubes are hand-selected for their characteristic power supply “sag”, which provides a more compressed, elastic sound and feel that is the “Holy Grail” sought by legions of guitarists. Our high-end 5U4 is an homage to the classic 1930s “Coke Bottle” rectifier tube and is used to produce more “sag” versus modern silicon diodes (the power supply components used for converting AC to DC). Built to exacting specifications, the Bugera 5U4 provides the dynamic supply of current essential to create the highly sought-after spongy, yet controlled feel on your strings. It is simply one of the best 5U4 tubes ever produced. Our state-of-the-art process begins with selecting only the finest tubes from all over the world. We then subject them to the most rigorous testing procedures, which are conducted in demanding “real-world” applications. Only about 10% pass the test and are given the Bugera name and stamp of approval. The rest are recycled responsibly.

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