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MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Bag, Black


Take a look at this best-selling guitar case that combines footwear and military cases manufacturing methods: the MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case not only represents a guitar protection that is superior to all those you’ve known before, but also a technological advance in suitcases design. It is swift, fast, elegant and resistant. Thanks to this MONO Creators design, traveling with a guitar has never been so comfortable and easy.

Easy opening
For starters: the Vertigo case does not open like a regular one. Its design allows decompressing quickly the casing and removing the guitar from the top. It is enabled by a hidden diagonal hinge on the front panel of the case. Once unpacked, the case opens easily.

Ultra protection
The Boot™ takes the protection of the guitar to another level. Using manufacturing technologies from footwear industry, the Vertigo case literally bounces off concrete. With its custom molded rubber outsole and its EVA insole, The Boot™ also protects the straps of all shapes and sizes.
Product Type: Bags for Electric Guitar

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