Extremely powerful 3,800-Watt true bi-amping stereo bass amplifier
Ultra-flexible 2 x 1,950-Watt stereo or 3,800-Watt bridged mode
Integrated Crossover with dedicated Frequency and Balance controls for bi-amping operation
Active, ultra-musical 9-band graphic EQ for total sound control
Dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and additional Mid frequency control enable ultimate sound shaping
Switchable Ultra Low and Ultra High processing for ultimate tone
Integrated Compressor increases sustain and smoothes out volume peaks when playing dynamic slaps
Bright function for brilliant sound enhancement, even with heavy compression
Switchable Limiter for ultimate volume without distortion plus total system protection
Balanced DI outputs with pre/post routing for direct connection to your mixing console
Tuner outputs on front and rear panel
Stereo Effects loop for external effects devices (stomp boxes, rack effects, etc.)
Dual footswitch for graphic EQ and Effects loop included
Independent DC and thermal overload protection on each channel automatically protects amplifier and speakers
Designed and engineered in Germany

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We named it “The NUKE” for a good reason – with 3,800 Watts in bridged mode and 2 x 1,950 when run in stereo or bi-amped mode, this bad boy is arguably the most-powerful bass amp in the world! But The NUKE isn’t just about power, thanks to its staggering array of tone-sculpting options including 3-band EQ with sweepable mids; Ultra-High, Ultra-Low and Bright switches; integrated Compressor; 9-band graphic EQ – and onboard Crossover with dedicated Frequency and Balance controls for true bi-amping operation. The NUKE gives you all this and much, much more!

Are you a stickler for tone? If so, the NUKE’s got you covered. You will never want for more equalization options again! To start with, an incredibly musical 3-band EQ is provided, complete with sweepable midrange. Then, we add in some other special ingredients; Ultra-High, Ultra-Low and Bright filters that you can engage at the push of a button! And finally, if surgical EQ is more your style, you get a complete 9-band graphic EQ to tweak to your heart’s content. There is no tone you can’t have with the NUKE!

Weight 20,5 kg
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