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A highly versatile model
Crisp stroke definition, bright tones and a clean bell
Classic Bright sounds for modern players

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The SABIAN 20″ AA Medium Ride in Natural Finish is a highly versatile model that balances crisp stroke definition with a smooth blend of bright tone and clean bell. SABIAN AA cymbals are all about classic sounds. Rock. Funk. Jazz. Blues. It’s about tradition, about what made history. And it’s about making history again. Bright, explosive energy, the vintage bright sound for today.

The classic sounds of the past live on with the energized bright sound of the Sabian AA series cymbals. This highly versatile 20-inch AA medium ride cymbal balances crisp stroke definition with a smooth blend of bright tones and a clean bell.

AA Line Key Features
AA: Vintage Bright Sounds. Get back to the 50’s, the 60’s, and the 70’s. Retro, reverso, classic… get back to the times when British beat groups powered the radio and took over TV, power and punk poured out of Detroit, soul music was a sensation, jam bands ruled the West Coast, and horndriven jazz/rock blew power trios and psychedelia off the charts. Get back with the Vintage Bright sounds of AA.

What They’re Saying
“AA is kinda like the Beatles, Cream and Hendrix. It’s from a different time, but still sounds amazing today.” –Chad Smith

“There is something about that bright AA tone and great feel… and I can lay a beating on them and they last like you wouldn’t believe. AA has durability with that sweet sound. It’s a package made in heaven.” –Gene Hoglan

Play the Right Cymbals
Every cymbal has its strengths and limitations. Hitting a smaller or thinner cymbal harder and harder to get a bigger sound or make it louder isn’t the answer. It wasn’t designed to be so loud. So don’t use small, thin cymbals for high-volume, hard-hitting playing (unless you want a contrast in your set-up… but don’t hit them as hard as the rest.) For volume, power and durability, choose bigger and heavier models. And consider the brighter sounding series, like AA, AAX, PRO and Sonix. Their sounds are higher pitched and more effective at cutting through a loud band. Lower pitched series, like Hand Hammered and HHX, also offer models suitable for powering any style of music.

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