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A musically mature China cymbal
Dark, glassy, and mysterious
Incredible dynamic range
Highly washable — great for introducing new flavors to bridges and breakdowns
Expertly crafted from Sabian B20 bronze for a musical response at any dynamic level

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A Mature China for Refined Tastes
Not every China is built just for blast beats. The Sabian AAX 18″ Chinese cymbal has a dark, musical voice that makes a fine addition to any AAX collection. It has incredible range for a China, too — an understated presence and slow bloom at low volumes, building to a raw, fiery attack. The Sabian AAX 18″ Chinese isn’t just for accents, either. Sweetwater drummers found this China to be highly washable for introducing new flavors to the bridge or breakdown of a song.

Sabian’s B20 bronze is the secret to a musical China
Sabian casts all its top-end cymbals from a centuries-old recipe of copper, tin, and silver — also known as B20 bronze. This bell bronze is one of the most musical alloys on earth, and together with Sabian’s expert craftsmanship, is the secret to the 18″ Sabian AAX Chinese’s ear-pleasing partials and complex characteristics.

Serious drummers trust the Sabian name
When you play Sabian cymbals, you’re in good company. Sabian has been the choice of first-call drummers for decades, from Terry Bozzio and Mike Portnoy to Dave Weckl and Neil Peart. Discover the expressiveness of Sabian craftsmanship in the 18″ Sabian AAX Chinese cymbal.

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