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6.5″ x 14″ beech snare drum with updated versions of classic ’50s appointments
9-ply/6mm shell built with Sonor’s cross-laminated, tension-free design
Beech delivers pronounced highs and mids with plenty of low-end punch
Rounded bearing edge kicks up the impact and cuts down the sustain for a dry yet powerful sound
Triple-flanged 2.3mm Superprofil hoops and TuneSafe lugs ensure maximum tuning stability

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This Sonor Vintage Series Snare Drum delivers the best things about both a real vintage Sonor model and one built using the very latest drum manufacturing technologies. That’s because Sonor went back to their classic 1950s snare drum designs and hardware for inspiration. The result is a 9-ply/6mm beech snare drum with a rounded bearing edge, Super 50 ’50s-style strainer, and redesigned Superprofil hoops. Add TuneSafe lugs to the mix, and you’ll get an impressive combination of rich vibrance, dry sustain, and extreme stability from your Sonor Vintage Series Snare Drum.

Vintage shell with classic bearing edges
Ever notice how the drums on older recordings have clarity and punch that’s dry without being harsh and piercing? Sure, some of that has to do with classic recording techniques, but a lot of it has to do with the design of the shell itself. The traditional 9-ply design of the Vintage Series Snare Drum features a balance of density and resonance that’s unique to the shell’s cross-laminated, tension-free build. Likewise, the classic rounded bearing edge — a stark departure from the modern 45-degree cut intended to promote bell-like resonance — produces a short but powerful crack.

1950s-style hardware is never out of fashion
There are many reasons vintage Sonor drums are sought by both collectors and players, and the hardware has a lot to do with it. For starters, the Vintage Series Snare Drum includes both an updated version of the original Superprofil hoop, and a 2.3mm triple-flanged design that goes back over half a century. Likewise, the Super 50 strainer was inspired by D-411 and D-412 throw off hardware, which were both industry standards throughout the ’50s.

Tuning stability you can count on
One of the many Sonor innovations that drummers love is their TuneSafe system. This combination lug and tension-rod design ensure maximum stability. TuneSafe lugs grip the fine-pitch-threaded tension rods firmly, securing them in a way that means you don’t have to worry about them loosening. As an added bonus, these square-headed tension rods let you tune your Vintage Series Snare Drum more accurately than virtually any other snare out there.

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