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Made of Zildjian B12 bronze for a musical sound at a budget price
Adds punchy accents to your grooves
Bright and brassy – won’t get lost in a mix
Fast choke for metal and Latin music
Machine hammering for a bright sound and even dynamics
Lathed top and bottom for openness and sustain
Brilliant finish for projection and top-end shimmer

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Quick and Crisp Effect Splash
Add some punchy accents to your grooves with the 8″ Zildjian S China splash cymbal. The fast, bright, and penetrating S-series China splash has a fast choke for metal and Latin music with a bright-and-brassy tone that won’t get lost in a mix. Though it sells at an entry-level price, The Zildjian China splash is made from real Zildjian bronze for a sound that pros and intermediate players alike will have no trouble incorporating into their setup. Looking to add some new textures to your kit?

Zildjian B12 Bronze Provides a Balanced Sound on a Budget
Zildjian S-series cymbals are made from B12 bronze – 88% copper and 12% tin – to provide a balanced range of lows, mids, and highs. B12 bronze lands somewhere between Zildjian’s budget B8 bronze and premium B20 bronze for good balance, projection, shimmer, and wash in a cymbal of this price range. Zildjian S cymbals feature lathed tops and bottoms for an open sound with plenty of sustain, extensive machine hammering for a tone that cuts through a mix, and a brilliant finish that looks great under stage lights.

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