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Size: 14 in. / 35.56 cm.
Weight: Medium Thin Top / Medium Bottom
Finish: Traditional Finish
Bell Size: Small
Profile: Medium
Pitch: Mid to High
Sound: Bright/Mid
Volume: General
Balance: Blend
Sustain: Short

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This ZBT Series pair of hi-hats gives you a sharp and focused sound, along with a well-defined, bright “chick” sound to cut right through the mix.

Maximum Performance and Maximum Value.
These 14-inch hi-hats provide the definition you want in a hi-hat, opened or closed. Zildjian’s ultra-durable ZBT alloy means they’re built to last and won’t break the bank.

The Zildjian ZBT Series
Start Here. Go Anywhere. Don’t let price stand between you and a sensational sounding set of cymbals. Revolutionary new manufacturing techniques developed by the Zildjian Sound Lab release a fast, bright, high-volume sound from the power-packed ZBT alloy. They make an ideal first set of Zildjians for any school marching and concert band.

Alloy: Enhanced Zildjian Sheet Bronze: 92% Copper, 8% Tin
Hammering: Small round hammer strikes in a precision patter creating texture and character.
Lathing: Sound grooves on top surface only.
Finish: Brilliant Finished
Sound: Quick, bold, bright response with more focused tones. Totally consistent within each model.
Zildjian Bronze Technology
Zildjian Sheet Bronze Cymbals begin as pre-formed disks cut from metal with uniform thickness. Precision hammering and shaping pummels cymbal discs, loosening the alloy’s molecular structure and freeing up its distinctive tone. Sheet Bronze cymbals have a very fast response with a quick decay, along with excellent durability and a consistent sound within each respective model. Affordably priced, Sheet Bronze cymbals make a great choice for beginners and pros alike.

Weight 5 kg
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