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One of the best values in the e-drum market.

The Alesis DM10 Studio Drum Kit is a truly superior 6-piece electronic drum kit. From natural-feeling RealHead drum pads to the extraordinary capabilities of the DM10 drum module, this drum set is part of an elite class. The possibilities are limitless with the Alesis DM10 ModuleAlesis DM10s drum module features a wide range of options and outstanding sound quality. Its complete range of true instrument sounds is phenomenally enhanced by the Dynamic Articulation system exclusive to Alesis. With Dynamic Articulation, sounds from different percussion samples at different articulations and dynamics are incorporated so that the way you hit the drums will affect the timbre of the sound, not just the volume. The DM10 also has features like acoustic drum sounds from legendary drum bands and the sounds of American, Canadian, Turkish, or Chinese cymbals. The DM10 drum module is also well-equipped for custom mixing with a top panel mixer. It is the first drum sound module that permits sound to be loaded via USB. It has 12 trigger inputs and is also prepared to play with software drum modules such as Toontrack or BFD. Alesis StageRack The 4-post design of the StageRack is sturdy, reliable, and compact. It has 1-1/2 tubing with flexible clamps and mounts. Instead of relying on a drum key, the StageRack has wing-screws on most clamps for easy, immediate adjustments. Made of slick, black aluminum, this system can easily accommodate additional drums and Real Head Drum Pads These mylar drumheads with triple-flanged counterhoops have the real feel of acoustic drums. In 10 and 8 sizes, they make the adjustment from acoustic drum sets easy and accessible. The tom and snare pads are dual-zone so there is the option to assign sounds such as gongs, wind chimes, and cowbells.

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