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TAMA IE52KH6W BWW Burgundy Walnut Wrap Imperialstar Drum Kits


Imperialstar complete drum kits provide everything a drummer needs at an affordable price. The Imperialstar line offers various choices of kit configurations and finishes, availability of add-on drums, precisely-processed drum shells and reliable, durable hardware. Imperialstar may appeal to beginner drummers due to the price, but more experienced intermediate players enjoy playing great-sounding Imperialstar kits in every music genre from jazz and R&B to rock.
For 2019, Imperialstar was further refined with matching wood hoops on the bass drum, newly-designed tom brackets and double-braced hardware, thus bringing Imperialstar up to a whole new level.

Tom Holder
Spur Brackets
TAMA Precision Bearing Edges
Shells:100% poplar 8mm 6ply
Drums: 22″x16″ bass drum, 10″x7″ & 12″x8″ tom toms, 16″x15″ floor tom, 14″x5″ snare drum.
Hardware: MTH50 double tom holder, hi-hat stand, single drum pedal, snare stand, boom cymbal stand, straight cymbal stand, drum throne.

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