Tama MBS52RZS-CAR Electric Drum 5-piece Shell Pack Caramel Aurora


Maple/birch shells exhibit incredible warmth and a hearty bite
Premium die-cast zinc hoops provide consistent tuning and extra high-end resonance
Rubber-based claw hooks deliver consistent pressure and rattle-free operation
Air Pocket rubber feet preserve sustain by eliminating the transfer of vibrations to the floor
Bass drum spur bracket with memory markers make setup faster and easier
Evans drumheads provide excellent sound

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TAMA’s Starclassic Maple/Birch Lacquer drums take the basic design of their acclaimed Starclassic Maple series and put a cool twist on it. These drums feature the combination of a more mellow birch with the stiffness of maple. The results equal a supremely dynamic sound that features the characteristic warmth of birch shells enhanced by the hearty bite of maple plies. Beyond that, Starclassic Maple/Birch Lacquer drums come complete with all of the outstanding hardware that sets the Starclassic series apart. This includes TAMA’s die-cast hoops and Star-Cast mounting system — plus, each shell comes outfitted with quality Evans heads.

Weight 60 kg
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