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Tama WBS52RZS-SAF Electric drum 5-pcs Satin Purple Atmosphere Fade


Features :
Bassdrum: 22″ x 16″
Tom-Tom 10″ x 07″
Tom-Tom: 12″ x 08″
Floor Tom: 14″ x 12″
Floor Tom: 16″ x 14″
incl. 2x MC69 Single-Tomholder

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The development of Starclassic in maple, birch, bubinga, birch/bubinga continues.
After intensive analysis, rigorous research, development and product testing, TAMA has arrived at the latest modern development of Starclassic, the Starclassic Walnut/Birch.
TAMA discovered the perfect ratio of Walnut and Birch, which produced a superior quality of warmth in the low to mid frequency range, perfectly harmonizing with the clear attack and high frequency projection of Birch. The sound is familiar, but clearly different from TAMA sounds of the past.
The TAMA-Starclassic series, is still an expression of our collective passion and wisdom in drum building, as well as the striving to offer refined and differentiated sounds. The TAMA-Starclassic Walnut/Birch defines our commitment to developing drum sounds and inspiring the contemporary drummer.


Weight 80 kg
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