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2-channel, 80-watt 1 x 12″ combo guitar amp
4 switchable power amp tube types: 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34
Carefully matched preamp saturation yields swampy American blues to raucous British browns
Clean and lead channels with dedicated level controls
Deep diving (tube bias, tone stack, effect types) available via the free Nextone Editor software
Capture wet and dry tones simultaneously into your DAW via USB — great for re-amping
99 user patches — create entire sets’ worth of flexible tones
Effects loop positions pedals wherever you choose
Streamlined interface — 1 knob per parameter or function
Lush reverb, tap delay, and tube-inspired tremolo right onboard

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From the focused punch of an American 6L6 to the juicy sag of a British EL84, power tubes play an important part in an amplifier’s signature tone and response. And with the BOSS Nextone Artist, capturing the magic of four major output tube types is as easy as twisting a dial. This 2-channel, 80-watt 1 x 12″ combo features the latest iteration of BOSS’s Tube Logic technology — the same building blocks from which BOSS’s Katana and Blues Cube lines were built. In the Nextone Artist, every choice of output tube re-voices the entire circuit to perform more like your favorite classics. Breakup and bias, sparkle and sag — every type imparts its own characteristics, giving you cranked-up tube glory at bedroom listening levels. Carefully matched preamp saturation complements each tube choice, giving you real-deal American blues and British browns from one capably compact gigging platform.

Weight 19 kg
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