GOTOH GB707 Bass Tuning Machines
Sold in a preconfigured set – 4Lx 1R (4 Left Side and 1 Right Side)
Gold Plated
Compact modern style bass tuning machine
Modern style plated tuning knob
Rock-Solid post
Lubri Plate gears
1:20 gear ratio
Weight – 2.12oz (60.2grams) each
Includes mounting screws, washer, and bushing
The GB707 is part of GOTOH’s Regular series of bass tuning machines heads. GOTOH only makes the highest quality bass tuning machines and are available in many different mounting dimensions. Please make sure to check the dimensions before placing your order.

Guitar and Bass tuning machines are described by the side the headstock the machine mounts to when the headstock is viewed from the front. “L” is left side and “R” is right side. Please remember this when placing your order.

This listing is for a preconfigured set. Individual bass tuning machines are available in another listing for a customer looking for a custom configuration or for a replacement tuner.

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