Tuner machine heads that make tuning easier and faster
Each tuner reacts the same to the same amount of force
Mini Contemporary design for a modern look
1 turn is approximately 1 whole tone
InvisoMatch mounting plates allow quick mounting with no extra screw holes

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Faster and More Accurate Tuning
Graph Tech’s Ratio Locking Tuned Machine Heads offer a revolutionary new experience in ensuring your guitar is tuned more quickly and accurately than conventional tuner designs. Each tuner in the set boasts a custom gear ratio that makes each machine head react the same — roughly one full turn per whole tone. Because each string reacts the same, not only is tuning a more pleasant experience, but nailing alternate tunings is a much faster process. Graph Tech’s mission statement is, “To Improve Your Playing Experience.” They’ve nailed it with the Ratio Locking Tuned Machine Heads.

Easy to Install Ratio Tuners
Graph Tech’s Ratio technology
Though it’s a simple idea, Graph Tech’s Ratio technology completely changes the way you tune your guitar. All six strings are outfitted with gear ratios that ensure you attain the same response from your wound low E string as you do your unwound high E. No matter what string you are tuning, you’ll notice that one full turn of the tuner equates to roughly one whole tone pitch change. The Ratio technology makes nailing your pitch much easier and faster. And you’ll love how fast it is to get to Drop D and other alternate tunings.

Easy installation
One of the greatest benefits of the Ratio Locking Tuned Machine Head system is that they install onto most guitar headstocks and are completely reversible. Graph Tech’s standard InvisoMatch mounting plates ship with the tuners. The machine heads mount directly to those plates and aren’t screwed into your instrument. As their name would suggest, the InvisoMatch mounting plates are completely hidden by the Ratio Locking Tuned Machine Heads and offer a sleek, low-profile look.

Weight 1 kg
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