Ibanez ESPR1003 E-SPRING Teflon Plated Edge Tremolo Spring, Set of 3


Product Name: Tremolo Spring
The ESPR1003 tremolo spring features a Teflon coated surface. Rusting is one of the reasons for decreased recoil performance and tuning instability, but thanks to the Teflon coating, the ESPR1003 retains its smooth action. The power tension ESPR2003 is also available.
E-SPRING Teflon Plated Edge Tremolo Spring x 3pc

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Rusting is one of the leading reasons for deterioration in recoil performance and tuning stability of tremolo systems, but thanks to their Teflon coating, the Ibanez ESPR1003 E-SPRING and ESPR2003 E-POWER SPRING replacement springs will retain their smooth action for many more years than conventional springs. Both replacement springs come in sets of 3.

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