Rp125.000 Rp100.000

Directly Screwed The Cable To The Plug because It Does Not Use The Solder To The Cable And Plug Of The Contact, It Is Possible To Create A Simple Cable In Their Favorite Length. Cable With Its Own Vlk1 Ofc, Overcrowding Braided Shield Of The Newly Adopted Tin Plating, Addition In Structure Using-Conduction Vinyl Containing Carbon, Reliably Electromagnetic Noise While There Are Fine Flexible Than Normal Shut Out. While Firmly Reproduce The Picking Of Nuances, It Is A Good Sound Features Of The Omission In The Tight Kosi. Utility Model Acquisition Plug Np-20 In Providence Unique Integral Structure, And Through A Signal By Tightening The Cable With The Two Screws Of The Needle And The Plug Cap Of The Plug Rear.

By Tightening Firmly In The Two Screws, Has Become From The Plug To Prevent The Structure Of The Trouble Was There Tend To Conventional Products Such As Cable Comes Out. L-Type Plug Np-20L Is Already In Providence Own 91 ° Special Angle Structure With A Reputation In The Utility Model Acquisition, To Allow A Smooth Insertion And Removal, To Reduce The Burden Of The Jack Portion Of The Guitar And Equipment. Straight-Type Plug (Plug Only)

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