SEYMOUR DUNCAN Active Humbucker AHB-1n Blackouts, Neck

Rp1.600.000 Rp1.360.000

Seymour Duncan AHB-1n Blackouts Active Humbucker Neck Pickup
The original active Blackouts neck humbucker delivers searing, fluid leads with a warm, but articulate tone and amazing string sensitivity.

AHB-1n Active Humbucker Neck Pickup, Black Chrome Cover
Low Hum, High Output Active Preamp
Extended Frequency Response with No Compression
Alnico 5 Bar Magnet
Made in USA

Before Seymour Duncan started designing their new 9-volt Blackouts active humbuckers, they did a little market research. They found that while lots of guitarists love active pickups, many wanted a tone that was less compressed, with a more extended frequency response. In their efforts to solve those issues they discovered that some of the most popular active pickups have what they consider a design flaw in their circuit architecture.

Those other pickups use unbalanced inputs in a differential preamp. The problem is, an unbalanced differential preamp is not very effective at cancelling hum. Seyour Duncan’s engineers figured out how to capture the tone that players want in an active design, but using balanced inputs.

The result is that not only do these Seymour Duncan Blackouts active humbuckers have less hum than the competition, but they also have more lows, more highs, and more output. Simply put, the Blackouts have more tone than other active pickups. Players will notice the benefits of the reduced hum when they record, especially if they’re around computer monitors or fluorescent lighting. As for the benefits of having more tone, well those will be apparent everywhere.

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