SEYMOUR DUNCAN Extended Range SH-10n Full Shred Neck Blk 7-Str

Rp1.800.000 Rp1.530.000

Seymour Duncan SH-10N Full Shred Black 7 String Neck.

The 7-string Full Shred SH-10b Humbucker Pickup was designed to meet the growing popularity of 7-stringed electric guitar. The Full Shred SH10 is part of a series of Seymour Duncan pickups redesigned and released specifically to capture the deeper tones and wider range of sound found in the new generation of 7-stringed guitars.

Shredders and metalheads will like the high output that the Full Shred SH-10 7-string pickup delivers. Seymour Duncan Full Shred pickups are revered for top-end clarity and crisp, well-defined low end. With aggressive midrange Full Shred pickups are great for capturing clear, tight tone during heavy rhythms and speed riffs. Duncan Full Shred pickups’ 2 symmetrical coils and short Allen head pole pieces produce a more intense, focused magnetic field while their Alnico 5 magnet maintains an organic attack and feel.

The Full Shred is ideal for rock, heavy metal, speed metal, and any music featuring fast, aggressive, solo playing. Seymour Duncan builds in a 4-conductor hookup cable for various switching options.

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