SEYMOUR DUNCAN Humbucker Black Winter, HB Bridge Black

Rp1.800.000 Rp1.530.000

its a beast of a pickup for extreme music!
(conclusion at the end)

it has a nice mid tone with low end that doesnt get in the way of the bass fequency, and enough high to cut through the mix of whatever you play along with

when you play it through a clean tone it will distort it a little giving it a nice bluesy tone, when you get to a crunch sound it wil definitely give you all the gain and grit you need for a solid rock tone.
but when you get to the lead channel it will bring a powerful distortion sound that (as mentioned earlier) cuts through the mix amazingly, perfect for lead tones.

only thing to watch with this pickup is the highs on your amp, always play with the EQ of your amp when getting a new pickup to see what works and sounds best.

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