Seymour Duncan SMB-4DS MusicMan 4-String Bass Pickup with ST3-3M3 Tone Circuit

Rp4.045.000 Rp3.438.250

Humbucker Pickup for MusicMan Bass
For 4-String MusicMan Basses from 1976 to Present
3/8″ Ceramic Rod Magnets, Four Conductor Hookup Cable
Includes STC-3M3 Tone Circuit, 3 Knobs with Slap Switch
Black Cover with Basslines Logo
The Seymour Duncan SMB-4DS is a 1976-voiced humbucker for Ernie Ball MusicMan® StingRay® bass. This set includes the SMB-4D MusicMan pickup along with the STC-3M3 3 Band Tone Circuit. Great for blues, funk, classic rock, southern rock, jam, and hard rock. This is a direct replacement for 4-string MusicMan® StingRay® basses from 1976 to present.

For some time now, the loyal legions of MusicMan bass-faithful were limited in their choice of pickups. Basslines has changed all that. Seymour Duncan listened the best MusicMan pickups and preamps over the years and distilled them into one dual coil, ceramic magnet pickup and a three-band Tone Circuit.

The hum-cancelling pickup offers a highly musical tone countour with a richly articulated bottom, major midrange, and lots of treble. It’s got a nice, mild “bark” without being overly brash; and it’s not at all harsh in the mid-range. The low end is full and strong without being mushy or foggy.

The Tone Circuits preamp will squeeze out every drop of tone your bass is capable of yielding. The lows are deep, clear, and tight. The mids range from ultra-smooth to punchy and all points in between. The treble control can produce a very wide, very usable response that is brilliant yet smooth, without any brittleness. Pulling up on the volume knob engages the proprietary Slap Switch, a special EQ contour made just for slap-style playing. Push the volume back in and you’re back to your three-band present. All of this is available in an amazingly quiet on-board package.

Includes a detailed wiring diagram along with all necessary mounting hardware including high-quality potentiometers; battery clip; stereo jack; and black anodized, knurled, dome-style knobs. The SMB-4DS includes the STC-3M3 3-knob Tone Circuit. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable and Basslines logo cover. Basslines pickups and Tone Circuit preamps are all hand built in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Power requirements: 9V (up to 36V can be used for increased headroom). Current consumption: 1.55 mA at 9V (higher current at higher voltages). Maximum Signal Swing: 2.7V at onset of clip.

Players include Darrell Harris / Gary Puckett, Dan Lutz / Andy Summers, Roger Camero / No Motiv.

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