Seymour Duncan SSL-1 Vintage Staggered Strat Single Coil, 11201-01 in White

Rp1.088.000 Rp924.800

Model: SSL-1
White Cover
Category: Seymour Duncan Pickups for Strat True Single Coils
DC Resistance: 6.5 k
Resonant Peak: 10 KHz
EQ: 9 / 3 / 5 (Treb / Mid / Bass)
Magnet: Alnico V Rods
Cable: Single Con. Cloth
Output: Moderate
User: Players’ Pick
Type: Single Coil
Manufacturer’s Description

Vintage-correct true single-coil for warm instruments. Recommended for country, pop, surf, rockabilly, blues, ska and classic rock.


Our most popular single-coil for Strat. The hand-ground Alnico 5 magnetsand moderate windings (Heavy Formvar wire) yield a bright and punchy tone with vintage output. Perfect for players who need accurate traditional single-coil tone, especially with clean and mildly distortede amp settings. Compared to the APS-1, the SSL-1 has a more focused “bell” tone with a light bass response. Comes with waxed cloth hookup cable and vintage-style “keyed” bottom plate.

Complete setup

Calibrated “California 50’s” set available with RW/RP middle pickup


For warmer toned ash, alder or basswood body instruments. Works especially well with rosewood finger-boards

Available mods

Reverse wound, reverse polarity (RW/RP) middle pickups for hum canceling in positions “2” and “4” on the five-way switch. Left-hand magnet stagger. Available in 7-string.


Chris Hicks, Kent Wells & Land Scott / Reba McEntire, Dan Schafer / Shania Twain, David Levitt / Alanis Morissette, Doug Pettibone / Lucinda Williams, Scott Henderson / Tribal Tech & Scott Henderson Trio, Jimmy Crespo.

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