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The Next-generation Krome EX 61
The Korg Krome synth workstation made its mark at Sweetwater by packing the most usable sounds into a user-friendly platform. Now the Krome EX ups the ante with tons of exciting new sounds and features aimed at contemporary music production in all genres. In addition to the essential classics, Krome EX has numerous new sounds that include custom piano programs designed specifically for the Krome EX series. These are high-quality and immediately usable sounds that take full advantage of the instruments high-performance architecture. To accompany the new sounds, the updated chassis features smooth, flowing lines and a lustrous aluminum front panel thatll look awesome under stage lights. The Krome EX 61 features a responsive semi-weighted 61-note keyboard thats ideal for any piano style, as well as dynamic organ performance and synth solos.

KROME EX – An evolved go-to synthesizer with a focus on “FUTURE BASICS”
Packed with sounds for modern music production
Keeping up with a constantly evolving worldwide music scene is a challenge for any electronic instrument designer. With Krome EX, Korg designers meticulously selected the sounds that should be included in todays workhorse synth workstation. First, they focused on EDM, with effects-heavy polyphonic sounds dripping in rich ambience, searing synth leads, and punchy drum kits that bring music fans to their feet. Ethnic instruments such as kalimba, steel pan, and kokyu as well as sound effects like those used in movie trailers and commercials are also onboard. Classic bread-and-butter sounds that never go out of style are also a top priority for Korg sound designers. Piano, electric piano, and drum sounds are the foundation for so much music, and they are well represented in the Krome EX 61. Youll never have to search or go menu diving to find the perfect sound for any occasion.

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