Rp51.800.000 Rp41.440.000

73 keys
3 part multi-timbral
Hammer action keybed
Seamless transitions when changing between sounds or programs while playing
Simplified, streamlined user interface
Split and Layer all 3 sections
6 split points with optional split point crossfades
Organize Mode for quickly arranging programs, sounds and pages
OLED display for Program section

B3, B3 bass and Vox/Farfisa simulations from Nord C2D
2 Pipe Organ modes
Dual Organ mode
Vintage 122 Rotary Speaker simulation
LED Drawbars

1 GB Memory for Nord Piano Library
Expanded polyphony
Creative piano filters
Advanced String Resonance
4 dynamic curves

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The Nord Electro 6 includes a range of new features and enhancements designed to provide you with the most powerful and flexible Electro available. The Electro 6 now features 3 part multi-timbral and seamless transitions when switching between sounds or programs while playing, providing you with more speed and no load times when performing. A new simplified, streamlined user interface and program section features a convenient Organize mode, which includes copy/paste and move functionality that allows you to quickly arrange your programs in the order you want.

High-quality organ simulations
The Organ section now includes 2 new Pipe Organ Models, providing you with a pure organ with a few harmonics, and a recreation of metal pipes that commonly make up the backbone of a pipe or church organ, with a new special detune mode when enabling vibrato/chorus. The Electro 6 also features Nord’s C2D Organ simulations of the B3 Tonewheel and the Vintage Transistor Organ, as well as the vintage 122 Rotary Speaker simulation. The new Dual Organ mode allows you to quickly access dual manual setups, offering an ideal overview and control of the drawbar settings for both the Upper and Lower manual. The Electro 6 HP model features LED Drawbars.

Acoustic, electric and digital pianos
The Electro 6 offers 1GB of acoustic, electric and digital pianos from Nord’s exclusive piano library. It now features expanded polyphony and new creative piano filters for shaping the tone of the piano. The new ‘layer’ category offers a range of rich, dynamic layered patches for you to experience and play with. Thanks to Nord’s advanced sampling techniques, they manage to capture the extraordinary nuances and real character from the source instruments.

Weight 22 kg
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