Nektar Panorama T6 61-key Keyboard Controller


The name Nektar is synonymous with deep DAW and virtual instrument control, and their Panorama T6 MIDI controller keyboard takes the concept to the next level, giving you an unprecedented level of control over your plug-ins, mixer, and transport controls in any VST/AU-compatible DAW. Your mouse will collect dust as you browse and load patches and take charge of the parameters directly from your T6, its LED Instant Feedback display keeping you up-to-date on the status of everything. Use the included maps or create your own to control instrument plug-ins. Explore powerful performance tools like the T6’s chord, hold and note repeat functions. Savor the silky feel of the T6’s second-generation Panorama keybed with aftertouch and five velocity curves, the responsiveness of its pressure-sensitive LED color performance pads, the smooth throw of its nine faders and eight encoders, and the confident click of its eight assignable LED buttons. The Nektar T6: your music production command center awaits.

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