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Tascam AK-DR11C Accessories Package for The DR Series Filmmaking


Attenuator cable for optimum audio connection to camera
Splitter cable for simultaneous headphone and camera connection
Furry windscreen to reduce wind noise
Camera shoe-mount adapter
Soft Carrying Case

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The AK-DR11 series are accessory packages highly convenient for recording needs, utilizing the DR series’ handy recorder.
The AK-DR11GMKII and the AK-DR11G are suited for standalone recording using a DR series device, packing a handgrip that facilitates handheld recording and an AC adapter useful for long recordings, while the AK-DR11C is optimal for using in conjunction with a DSLR, and includes a shoe-mount adapter that enables mounting of the recorder onto the camera accessory shoe, an attenuator cable that adjusts the audio signal to an appropriate level when connecting the recorder with the camera, and a splitter cable for headphone monitoring while having the recorder connected to the camera.

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