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Universal mic mount fits mics 40 to 60mm in diameter
Mechanical isolation thanks to Aston’s ShockStar technology
Aluminum and glass-filled nylon construction
Proprietary mounting system
Solid stainless-steel pop shield with Hextech filter holes
Compatible Microphones
Aston Microphones: Origin, Spirit
AKG: P220, P420, P120, C414, C414 XLS, C 12 VR
Audio-Technica: AT 2020, AT4047/SV, AT4040
Behringer: C-1, C-3, B-1 Single
Blue Microphones: Bluebird SL, Baby Bottle SL, Blueberry, Woodpecker
Bock: IFET 7
Marantz: MPM-2000, MPM-1000
MXL: 990, 770X, V67G HE, 770, V67G
Neumann: TLM102, U87 AI, U67, TLM107, CMV-563 gefell
Sennheiser: MK4
Shure: KSM32
Telefunken: ELA M 251
Warm Audio: WA-47jr, WA14, WA87
Wunder: CM12

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The Aston Microphones SwiftShield combines their pop shield with a shock system they’ve designed called the Swift, that offers a high level of elasticity to isolate the mic from vibrations without employing the annoying rubber bands often used in other shockmounts. The Swift, combined with the Shield, gives you the name SwiftShield.

The Shield of the SwiftShield is a pop filter constructed out of stainless steel with hexagonal filter holes. The Shield aids in controlling vocal plosives while preserving vocal clarity. The large, curved surface area of the Shield GN wraps around your microphone to help mitigate any issues from a vocalist with shifty feet, so that consistency of plosive reduction is retained.

The entire system is designed to work with Aston Microphones Origin and Spirit mics, of course, but can accommodate any microphone with a 40 to 60mm diameter.

Weight 1 kg
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