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The dynamic broadcast microphone for that classic “American” announcer voice
– Specially designed for radio announcers
– Dynamic capsule, works without phantom power
– Integrated pop screen and elastic suspension

The BCM 705 is particularly well suited for local radio stations and small studios. Its hypercardioid pattern and close-speech optimized capsule help to keep extraneous noises off the air, even if the sound-proofing is less than perfect. The BCM 705’s frequency response is specifically tailored for the human voice. A gentle presence boost above 2 kHz enhances speech intelligibility, while a soft bass roll-off compensates for the proximity effect, creating a low-end which is full but never boomy. The BCM 705 does not require phantom power and is extremely easy to setup: Simply connect it to a microphone input, and you’re ready do go on air!

Although the BCM 705 is primarily designed for speech applications in broadcast environments, it wouldn’t be a Neumann microphone, if it couldn’t be used in the recording studio, too. Being a dynamic microphone, the BCM 705 can handle high SPLs with ease, which makes it an excellent choice for screaming vocalists, bright brass instruments, and loud guitar cabinets.

– Functionally optimized design
– Specially designed dynamic capsule
– Optimized for close speech
– Hypercardioid pattern
– Integrated pop screen and shock mount
– Headgrille twists off easily for quick cleaning

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