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Portable practice and warm-up tool for vocalists
Illuminated pitch display for showing a vocalist’s pitch
A guide tone plays pitch (over a range of 24 semitones) at the touch of a button
Two-Voice Support allows two vocalists singing harmonies to both check their pitch
Can be used by choirs or ensembles singing up to two different vocal lines
Ideal teaching tool
Metronome with tap-tempo function
Built in ‘Concone Op. 9 Fifty Lessons’ classical voice exercised with piano accompaniment and melody guide tracks
Ten user tracks (10 minutes each) for recording a song from an external device onto the VT-12 for singing along to
Record and review feature for instant self-evaluation
On board microphone for recording and speaker for playback
Mic volume control on side of unit – Hi, Lo, Off
Headphone output
REC IN stereo mini-jack input for recording songs onto the unit
Powered by 2 x AA batteries or DC power supply (not included)
Built in tilt stand for desktop use
Comes with a Complete Vocal Method companion book from Berklee Press, featuring exercises and backing tracks

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The Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer is a revolutionary new practice and warm up tool just for vocalists.

The Roland VT-12 is the ultimate pocket vocal coach companion, ideal for all vocalists, and can be used anywhere thanks to its portable, lightweight design.

The VT-12’s display features a visual, illuminated pitch meter, which monitors a vocalist’s pitch accuracy and shows it in half-step increments. Pitches can also be played at the touch of a button to assist in keeping singers in tune.

The Roland Vocal Trainer is useful as a teaching tool, and can also be used by both student and teacher thanks to its two-voice support. The unit offers a number of different pitch detection modes, and can pick up harmonies, even if they are sung by a choir or a capella group.

The VT-12 is equipped with the world-standard ‘Concone Op. 9 Fifty Lessons’ classical voice exercises, featuring piano accompaniment and melody tracks. On the unit’s display, the pitch of the vocal exercise and the pitch of the vocalist can be displayed together.

Other useful features include a metronome with tap tempo function to help singers develop their timing skills. Additionally, there is a record and review function, for recording a vocal performance and instantly reviewing it and viewing the pitch for self-evaluation.

There are ten user tracks for recording a track from an external source, such as an mp3 player, onto the unit for vocal practice of specific songs.

The first of its kind, the Roland VT-12 is an incredibly versatile resource for helping vocalists rehearse and warm up on their own.

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