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Miniature hanging Choir Microphone
Condenser element
Cardioid Pickup Pattern
Mini XLR connector
Steel Hanging positioning bracket
Hardwired 30-foot cable

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Positioning your microphones and stands properly to record a choir or orchestra can be very difficult. You might easily get in the way of people and their instruments, annoying artists and sound engineers. To make sure that you are always enjoying the best sound, you can also use a suspended system. You can hang various of these CM12CW microphones from the ceiling or from a stand construction, and the recording/amplifying may begin!

The microphone is made with high-grade components and thanks to the excellent construction you can count on high-quality audio! The microphone rejects any signal from the rear, so that you always enjoy excellent gain without feedback. This way, you can work in a church or other venue with a lot of reverberation and still create a neat recording.

The microphone is a condenser, so you can rely on a clear sound. Its frequency range of 50 to 18,000 Hz ensures that vocals are perfectly registered and instruments like guitars, violins and most wind instruments are also excellently picked up. The practical, accessory, iron frame lets you easily aim the mic at the sound source. This means that you can discretely position the microphone and bend it in the ideal position.

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