Tascam TM-250U USB Condenser Microphone


Plug and go; No driver installation required.
Compatible with USB class compliant devices (USB Type C connector).
Supports Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android* and Chrome OS*
*Dependent on hardware/processor. TASCAM does not guarantee operation with all Android and Chrome OS devices.
Supports 16-bit/48kHz.
Equipped with a headphone output, supports low-latency direct monitoring for music recording or live streaming application.
Headphone volume knob.
Mic volume (gain) knob.
Mic mute button.
Robust design.
USB C-A cable (2m), mic holder (screw diameter 5/8 inch) and desktop stand included.

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The Ultimate USB Condenser Microphone for Podcasting, Conferencing, Computer Recording, and Online Audio

The TASCAM TM-250U is the USB condenser microphone for personal broadcasting and online communication. Capturing crisp, accurate audio at an ultra-affordable price, the TASCAM TM-250U is the ideal solution for capturing the quality of your voice and audio in real time.

The TASCAM TM-250U was designed to deliver flawless, detailed audio straight to your computer via USB. Record voiceover or music directly to your recording software, use it for conferencing and meetings, create podcasts, stream live with pristine vocal quality, and any application where crisp clear audio is needed.

The TASCAM TM-250U works via industry-standard USB-C connectors on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android* and Chrome OS* platforms, with driverless functionality returning stream-optimized 16-bit/48kHz audio.

The TASCAM TM-250U microphone delivers all the control for the microphone on the unit itself. Pre-gain, output volume, and headphone output with volume control are all available on the unit. A Mic-Mute button gives additional flexibility for in-the-moment control of audio. TM-250U also support direct monitoring that diverge signals before sending them to the computer, resulting in smooth, in-time monitoring without any sound delay during both recording or live streaming.

Included are essential microphone accessories: a mic holder, 6-foot USB C-A cable, and desktop mic stand – allowing you to set up on your desktop immediately.

Weight 1 kg
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