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Tascam TM-82 Dynamic Microphone


Cardioid Directivity.
Built Tough.
TM-82 is stage ready for the rigors of daily use using metal materials and components.
Package Includes Mic Holder.
The TASCAM TM-82 dynamic microphone includes a mic holder compatible with all standard microphone stands.

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Dynamic Microphone for Recording Stunning Vocals and Instruments

The TASCAM TM-82 microphone is a dynamic microphone for vocal/ instrument performance and recording. With its high-quality capture and replication, the Tascam M-82 microphone is an engineer’s choice for capturing live performances from the bedroom studio to live events.

The TASCAM TM-82 Dynamic Microphone is the perfect all-around mic for natural, accurate vocal and instrument audio. The TM-82 has been specifically engineered to capture the character and nuances of performances without bringing the room into the mix. The TM-82 captures exactly what you want, for a mix-ready track or performance.

Weight 0,5 kg
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