Rp12.750.000 Rp10.200.000

ROLAND V-02HD MULTI-FORMAT VIDEO MIXERCombines several devices: a simple switcher, a high-quality scaler, an input expander, an audio solution and the use of inline video effects and compositings
Compact dimensions, fits in most equipment cases and camera bags
Thread for standard video tripod allows convenient mounting on a tripod
Allows processing and seamless switching of two HDMI camera signals to a connected recorder or livestream encoder
Provides professional cross-dissolve transitions between computers and displays with high-resolution, pixel-perfect resolution and a 10-bit 4: 4: 4 colour space
Input and output scaler
Embedding and de-embedding of audio signals
14 Real-time assignable visual effects including adjustable parameters and five additional compositing effects
Dimensions (W x D x H): 160 x 108 51 mm

The V-02HD is a ‘micro switcher’ that’s small enough to fit into equipment cases and camera bags
Designed to integrate with typical video production workflows, the V-02HD has a screw tap for standard video mounts and conveniently attaches onto a tripod to stay out of the way
The V-02HD takes the HDMI output from two cameras and seamlessly switches to a connected recorder or livestreaming encoder
The operator can then switch between cameras using the dedicated controls or even by using their feet, via a connected footswitch that lets them continue operating their camera
The V-02HD ensures a professional cross-dissolve switchover between computers and screens, maintaining hi-res ‘pixel-accurate’ display resolution with deep 10-bit 4:4:4 color space

Weight 3 kg
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