SOUNDCRAFT NANO M12BT EU Compact Analog Mixer

Rp12.000.000 Rp9.600.000

The excellent performance of Soundcraft Nano M12BT satisfies users’ diverse tuning needs. Nano M12BT adopts the professional standards of Soundcraft. It is a small 12-channel mixer that supports various sound sources and has a variety of professional functions that are different from similar products.

In addition to supporting traditional sound sources such as microphones and musical instruments, Nano M12BT also supports Bluetooth-enabled digital playback devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, Macs, and PCs. The mixer also has USB playback and recording functions, allowing to play the supported tracks in the USB flash drive or record and store directly to the USB flash drive.

When used at home or in a recording studio, the integrated USB audio interface of Nano M12BT can work seamlessly with Mac and PC, making it easy for you to use commonly used audio production software to easily record, edit and play audio. Nano M12BT has flexible input and connection options, built-in compressor that can provide excellent sound, sound effect processor and vertical channel fader, etc., suitable for various application scenarios, including live performances, studio recording and fixed installations.

12-channel mixer with 8 microphone/line mono inputs, 3 stereo inputs (2 pairs of TRS and 1 pair of RCA) and 6 breakpoint insertion interfaces
2×2 audio interface for Mac/PC
Play audio directly from the USB flash drive or record directly to the USB flash drive
Bluetooth connection supports wireless audio playback from mobile devices, Mac or PC
Side LED volume level meter displays the signal level on both sides of the mixer, allowing users to monitor the level without being close to the mixer
4 built-in compressors for microphone/line channels provide excellent sound quality
The built-in processor provides sound effects such as echo, vocals, reverberation, etc. to enhance vocal performance

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