Tascam DP-008EX 8-track Digital Pocketstudio


Up to six tracks recording (2mono tracks+ 2mono/stereo switchable tracks)
Up to six tracks recording (2mono tracks+ 2mono/stereo switchable tracks)
CD quality recording (16bit/44.1kHz)
Two tracks simultaneous recording/ six tracks simultaneous playback
Dedicated stereo master track available
Record to SD/SDHC card (Up to 32GB)
2 Built-in omni-directional condenser microphones
Microphone sensitivity can be selected from 3-positions (Low/Mid/High)
Two TS 1/4″ mic/line inputs
INPUT A can connect high-impedance instrument directly (Like an electric-guitar)
Independent LEVEL/PAN(BALANCE) knobs for each track
15mW/ch headphone output
128×64 dot-matrix LCD
Four AA batteries operation up to 9 hours (When recording, using the eneloop battery)
Optional AC adapter ready (TASCAM PS-P520)
Can connect to an external battery pack (TASCAM BP-6AA)
Tripod screw hole
Direct locate function by jog-wheel
Repeat playback between IN/OUT point
Bounce function allows recording of more six tracks
Chromatic tuner and metronome included
High-speed data transfer by USB2.0 connection
Backup and restore songs
File import/export by Wav format (mono/stereo)
Export stereo master file as stereo wav format
4GB SD card included

Easy overdub recording and DAW transfer through a built-in, high sound quality microphone
Music sketchpad that can record anywhere – a must-have for any songwriter

The DIGITAL POCKETSTUDIO DP-006 and DP-008EX are battery-operable multi-track recorders.
Easy to carry around, they are perfect as a song-writer’s external-use music sketchpad.

Easy to operate, just like a cassette MRT, with recording preparation achievable in just two steps after turning the device on. A high-quality microphone is already built-in, so there is no need for an external mic. Each track has a designated knob so that users can intuitively operate each track without having to rely on the screen. SD/SDHC cards are used for recording media, allowing data to be transferred to the computer via USB.

If you wish to obtain a higher-quality music sketchpad, the DP-008EX comes recommended. In addition to the XLR inputs that enable condenser microphones to be plugged in, the DP-008EX comes equipped with an input equalizer and reverb, enabling simple sound production. The mastering function can increase sound bass. With these functions in place, you can wow your band members with high-quality demo files from the DP-008EX.

Adding the DP-006 and DP-008EX into your production system will increase the scope of your music production infinitely. The music sketchpad that can easily accumulate ideas will capture that melody as it pops into your head, with a high audio quality, further enhancing your music production.

Weight 1 kg
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