The essence of Midas sound as a standard plug-in for your DAW
Versatile compressor and gate effects based on the Midas HERITAGE 3000 console
Class-leading dynamics processing acclaimed for its rich, warm sonic performance and flexibility
Analog-feel controls for fast, precise and intuitive access to all key settings
High-resolution and resizable user interface for complete overview and visual feedback
Fully compliant with the DYN 3000-DT Icon Series desktop interface and unlimited functionality as plug-in
Natural-sounding presence control adds subtle air to select sounds
Adjustable sidechain filters to define the compression behavior in detail
Suitable for all kinds of content material and for use on single sources, buses and master mixes
Offers full support for standard DAW automation and project recall
Standard VST*, Audio Units* and AAX*-native plug-in processing on Mac* and Windows*
Compatible with all major DAWs including Pro Tools*, Cubase*, Nuendo*, Logic Pro* and Ableton Live*

With powerful compressor and gate effects intuitive controls, and legendary Midas tone, the DYN 3000 is a versatile dynamics plugin which brings the flexibility and immediacy of a Midas console to your DAW.

The DYN 3000 and PEQ 3000 are a perfect pair and allow you to experience the true tone and feel of a Midas console channel strip at an unprecedented price. Ideal for Mac and PC DAW music and post-production, these premium mixing and mastering plugins will take your audio content and performance above and beyond the next level.

DYN 3000’s sleek desktop controller puts all the key compression and gate parameters right at your fingertips, allowing you to dial in the sound you need with absolute precision. The true analog-feel potentiometers together with a dedicated display for full processing overview allow you to make adjustments quickly and intuitively, expediting your mixing and mastering process by giving you immediate, tactile control.

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