HT-DUAL pedal’s Channel 1 has either Clean or Crunch modes so it can be used clean, as a boost or overdrive. Channel 2 gives distortion tones from super crunch right up to screaming lead. The unique switching operation will transform a single channel vintage amp into a 3-channel tone machine. The ISF control takes you from ‘British Valve’ to ‘Modern American’ and anywhere in-between.

Pure Tube Distortion
The HT-DUAL has high voltage tube design for true tube dynamics and feel. 2 cascaded ECC83 triode stages for gain from warm boost to screaming lead. Enhanced tone network for massive tonal flexibility with traditional passive network musicality. Patent-Applied-For ISF control allows access to infinite new sounds. Emulated output is a new benchmark design for pro direct recording sounds. High-integrity bypass for silent switching and driving long cables.

So whether you’re playing live or recording, with the HT Range of pedals you can finally get the sound you want.

Genuine tube design
Operates at 300V HT
Cascaded tube gain stages
Responds like a tube amp
2-channel operation
Clean, Crunch & Lead modes
Unique switching operation
Unique enhanced tone controls
Exclusive Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
Fully equipped for stage or studio
Speaker emulated output
High integrity buffered bypass
Power supply included
Silent switching

Power: 22V DC
Maximum Current Draw: 1.1A
Controls: Gain 1, Gain 2, Bass, Middle, Treble, ISF, Level 1, Level 2
Valve: ECC83 / 12AX7
Switches: Channel 1 On/Off Switch, Channel 2 On/Off Switch,
Clean/Crunch Switch (Channel 1)
Indicators: Channel 1 On/Off, Channel 2 On/Off, Power On/Off
(Valve Backlight LED)
Jacks: Input, Output, Emulated Output
Input Impedance: 1MÎ
Output Impedance: < 1KÎ
Dimensions (mm): 160 x 119 x 80
Weight: 1.2kg
DC Adaptor: ADA Series supplied

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