Option 5 Destination Overdrive II v2

Rp3.468.000 Rp2.774.000

All analog circuitry
Tight bass response
Standard 9 volt operation
True Bypass
Usable-throughout gain control with unheard-of range
made in USA

Our flagship pedal that started it all… The ‘Marshall in a box’ that renders brilliant, smooth, tight and responsive overdrive/distortion tones for days. An original design. This pedal adds another channel to your amp with a classic tone stack configuration. From a barely broken up blues tone to a “rip your head off” searing, scooped mids heavy metal tone, this is one pedal that has a range that is usable throughout. Jay has designed it that way. The bass is never farty. Performing a ‘dive bomb’ will not make it choke. Roll guitar volume knob back and reduce gain. Plays well with other pedals. Picking dynamics and note separation are unbelievable. And, oh yeah, it’s also low noise!

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