Legendary TC2290 dynamic delay as a standard plug-in for your DAW
Complete delay solution with extensive modulation capabilities for your favorite audio software
Custom-designed signature presets featuring world-class artists and recording engineers
Offers full support for standard DAW tempo, automation and project recall
Award-winning TC ELECTRONIC algorithms for cutting-edge effects
Fully compliant with the TC2290-DT Icon Series desktop interface and unlimited functionality as plug-in
Authentic “look and feel” of celebrated TC2290 rack delay
High-resolution input/output meters for accurate signal monitoring
Standard VST*, Audio Units* and AAX*-native plug-in processing on Mac* and Windows*
Compatible with all major DAWs including Pro Tools*, Cubase*, Nuendo*, Logic Pro* and Ableton Live*

TC2290 is a groundbreaking, versatile delay plugin with full DAW integration and powerful signature presets that will fuel your inspiration and add instant character to your tracks. Capable of conjuring up virtually any conceivable delay type, TC2290 makes it easy to vitalize your tracks with everything from crisp repeats, to complex delay rhythms and ultra-expressive modulated soundscapes. TC2290’s authentic tone recreations gives you total creative control of your delay, allowing you to explore and experiment to your heart’s content. With its superior sound quality and extremely musical response, TC2290 is like adding another musical instrument to the mix!

The TC2290, DVR250, TC8210 and TC1210 are premium effect plugins that will take your music and sound design to the next level. Adopted by thousands of musicians and audio engineers, our family of native plugins draws on forty years of designing the ultimate effect units and are guaranteed to take your music to the next level.

With TC2290’s optional hands-on controls, you get total creative control of your delay and modulation effects. The sleek desktop unit gives you all key parameters right at your finger tips, and allows you to explore and experiment to your heart’s content.

Weight 1 kg
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