Behringer OCTAVE DIVIDER Classic Analog Octave Divider & Ringer Pedal


Show lessClassic octave divider pedal for guitars, bass, keyboards, and other instruments
Authentic recreation of the popular Octave Divider* from the ’70s
Earth-shaking sub-octave effect for powerful sound creation
Amazing Ringer function for harmonic emphasis of upper tones and special multi-note effects
Preserves dynamics and harmonic content of the original signal in the sub-octave
Bass Only switch for extended range and dramatic effects
Mix control for blending direct and sub-octave signal
Tone control for ultimate sound shaping
Stabilize switch locks into all single-voiced signals for improved note tracking
Auxiliary output to send dry signal to other effects pedals or amplifier
Power switch and LED to indicate operating status
Rugged and reliable metal construction
Power supply included

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Musicians from the 1970s always had some sort of secret weapon in their setup. Something they’d turn on in the middle of a raging solo or an effect to create mind-blowing sounds that turned songs into instant classics. David Gilmour had the Phaser and Hendrix had the Octavia. One of those secret weapons you should definitely have on your pedalboard is the Behringer OCTAVE DIVIDER. Turn this baby on and create nice jazzy riffs with a tight bassline underneath or add that much needed top-end sizzle for your epic guitar solo. It can even be used to add a bit more funkiness to bass, keyboards and other instruments. We’re looking at you electric triangle man!

The OCTAVE DIVIDER is an authentic recreation of the popular Octave Divider from the ‘70s. It features an earth-shaking sub-octave effect with its own MIX and TONE controls so you can blend your dry and sub-octave signal, or shape that tone to your taste while still preserving the dynamics and harmonics. The BASS ONLY switch also allows you to completely cut out the dry signal leaving only the sub-octave so you can create your own complex basslines on the fly. The OCTAVE DIVIDER brings all the amazing features from the original ‘70s design, plus a few modern ones, that are sure to fit right at home with any pedal board.

There’s got to be more to it than just adding a sub-octave signal to whatever you’re playing right? The OCTAVE DIVIDER has an amazing RINGER function that adds just the right amount of harmonic emphasis on the upper tones and special multi-note effects through activation of a built-in ring modulator. If you’re into using the OCTAVE DIVIDER to thicken up more complex riffs or just want a nice and tight bass line to a legato, then flipping the Stabilize switch on can also help improve note tracking.

Weight 1 kg
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