Boss OC-5 Octave Pedal

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Octave pedals of the past 10 years have presented guitar and bass players with a tough decision: Are you searching for that classic OC-2–style octave effect — the sound most of us guitar and bass players associate with the octave pedal — to add weight to your leads and walking lines? Or do you want modern tracking and polyphonic capabilities to help flesh out chords in a solo setting? Well, with the BOSS OC-5 Octave pedal, now you don’t have to choose. Whether it’s thunderous mono sub-bass or strum-enriching root enhancement you’re after, the OC-5 has you covered. The OC-5 sports an all-new tracking engine based on some of BOSS’s top-tier effects floordboards. The result is one of the smoothest, lowest-latency octave effects you’ll ever experience. In addition to the classic -1 and -2 octave controls, the OC-5 gives you a +1 octave dial for achieving faux 12-string textures and screaming classic lead lines. A dedicated instrument switch tailors the OC-5’s tracking for either electric/acoustic guitar or bass, while a parallel Direct Out dry path preserves your input signal for running into a dedicated amp or PA. If you’ve been waiting for the next evolution of the BOSS Octave sound, the OC-5 is where it’s at.

BOSS OC-5 Octave Pedal Features:
The ultimate does-it-all octave pedal effect
Instrument switch — optimizes the OC-5 for guitar or bass
Vintage setting — a spot-on re-creation of the classic BOSS OC-2 mono octaver
Poly setting — adds bass notes to power chords and open chords, which can be reined in using the Range control
Octave-up control unlocks 12-string textures and classic rock screaming leads
Direct Out runs a parallel dry signal to a stage amp or front of house
Enhanced tracking engine produces ultra-low-latency note tracking
55-milliamp draw —can be powered by a 9-volt or standard pedal power supply
Quality buffered bypass adds reach to your cable runs

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