Ibanez DSC10 Digital Chorus


In general, chorus has been an effect that has a love/hate relationship with guitarists, and while it can be heard on amy classic recordings, there are some players who just will not touch it. That said, the DSC10 Digital Chorus pedal might just have something for everyone, including the haters.

Speed starts off the controls, with a nice sweep from slow to fast, for perfect dialing in of whatever tempo and flow you’re after. The Width knob adjusts the delay time of the effect, which is controlled by a 3-position switch up top, featuring 5, 10 and 20ms settings, for a wide array of chorused sounds. Finally, Color is a cool (pun intended) control knob that adds in warmth and richness to the effect. This control really makes the DSC10 shine, and makes it much more analog-sounding than a lot of the chorus pedal from this era. Dialing in this control will really open up the possibilities for your chorus needs.

The DSC10 Digital Chorus is Smooth and buttery, with a hint of analog tones and none of the harsh digital sound you might expect, this is one pedal that just might win over the non-chorus-loving musician. As with most of the pedals in the 10 Series from Ibanez, this is a relatively inexpensive option as an introduction to this marvelous effect, although they are getting a little rare, so if you see one, grab it!

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