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Kemper’s flagship amplifier modeling processor, now with integrated remote
Three operating modes: Browser, Performer, and Profiler
Preloaded with hundreds of the most requested guitar/bass Rigs
Thousands of free Rigs available in the Rig Exchange cloud
Dedicated stomps for Rig cycling, Performance stepping, and stomp toggling
Bright display holds up to indoor/outdoor stage environment
Loaded with digital and analog I/O
Stereo effects loops for integration with your stereo effects pedals
MIDI I/O allows for remote switching
1/4″ footswitch and expression pedal inputs unlock even greater hands-free performance control

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Guitar/Bass Amp Modeler with Integrated Remote
Players asked, and Kemper delivered — in a big way! The Kemper Profiler Stage gives you all the performance power of a full-size Kemper rack or toaster unit in a sleek and streamlined pedalboard format. Hundreds of the most carefully replicated amps, stomps, and studio effects await you in the Profiler Stage’s stock library with thousands more available in the free Rig Exchange cloud. You can even profile your own amps and cabs for an all-access pass to your favorite tones of all time. The Profiler Stage’s soft-touch switches make stepping through Performances (songs) and toggling virtual stomps simpler than ever. Around back, stereo effects loops, MIDI remote/expression pedal integration, and plenty of digital and analog I/O make the Profiler Stage one of the most powerful performance platforms to hit the market.

Preloaded with hundreds of choice Rigs
Right out of the box, the Kemper Profiler Stage includes hundreds of mouthwatering amps, stomps, and studio effects that are just itching to be played. Connect the Profiler Stage to your cab, PA, FRFR, or interface, and you’re all set to perform and record the second this board hits your doorstep.

Infinitely expandable
Need a Tweed-y clean or a British lead for a particular session? Locating the Rig of your dreams is as simple as searching and auditioning sounds from the free Rig Exchange. These user-generated Rigs are not models — they’re real-world amps and stomps from the most elite guitar/bass setups on the planet, precisely profiled using Kemper’s patented Profiling technology.

Three operating modes
The streamlined Kemper Profiler Stage is a fine-tuned machine built for the performance environment. Its two performance modes equip you for any playing scenario from casual jamming to television prime time, while its profiling mode permits access to virtual realizations of your personal amp collection, even thousands of miles from your home studio.

Browser mode — Navigate and select Rigs from your stored library. You can store up to 999 profiles on your Profiler Stage and cycle through at will for instant jamming and recording inspiration.
Performer mode — Map out entire songs’ worth of Rigs (125 songs, five slots per Performance) and step through tones using the five designated switches. This is the perfect way to access verse, chorus, lead, bridge, and solo tones — just as easily as traditional stompboxes — without having to cycle through presets.
Profiler mode — Kemper’s calling card is its ability to re-create your exact amp and effects chains in the digital realm, and the Profiler Stage proves to be no exception. Bring signals in through Return 1’s TRS port to store digital snapshots of all your favorite amps/cabs/effects chains.

Impressive I/O
The Profiler Stage gives you even more I/O — two effects loops (which can be run in stereo) and four dedicated pedal inputs — to interface with your outboard guitar gear in even more impressive ways. Kemper Rigs behave just like real amps: drive the input to unlock juicer, richer overdrives, or introduce ambient effects into the loops to create breathtaking repeats and washes.

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