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Korg AW3M Dolcetto Clip-On Tuner/Metronome for Orchestral Instruments


Your trusted tuning solution
Highly visible and accurate clip-on tuners with dedicated clips. A diverse array of clip-on tuner/metronomes intended for orchestral instruments

Clip-on tuner/metronome
– Dolcetto features all-around support for large or small orchestral instruments, including a transposition function
– Dolcetto-T is optimized for use with the trumpet and trombone
– Dolcetto-V is equipped with a special clip and a dedicated mode for violin/viola
– Metronome function
Main features
– The high precision and sensitivity that you expect from Korg
– New type of display providing superb visibility that’s both bright and readable from any angle
– High durability that stands up to impact and aging
– Easy-to-understand operation, with buttons placed on the front
Other features
– Calibration function that supports all concert pitches
– The Auto Power-off function saves the battery even if you forget to turn off the unit.
– Memory backup function
– Limited-edition carrying pouch is included

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