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Allows adjustable impedance loading between pickup and wireless transmitter
The Dragster is a compact device that corrects the loading and impedance of the guitar pickup that is lost when the guitar passes through a buffer such as those found on wireless systems and effect pedals. What the Dragster does is allow the player to correct the loading and impedance that becomes skewed. This is done with a single dial. Turn full clockwise, loading is off. Turning the control counterclockwise bring in the desired level. Best of all, the Dragster is completely passive!

Compact, simple device mounts on strap or pedal board
The Dragster is a simple device that features a 1/4″ input jack for the guitar, a 1/4″ output that goes to the wireless or pedal board, and then a single Drag control that allows the user to dial in the desired amount of Drag. The Dragster is extremely compact at less than 1″ high, 2″ wide and less than 2″ deep. It has a perforated bottom plate that allows the unit to be fixed to a guitar strap or screwed down into a pedal board. Made from aluminum and steel, the Dragster is lightweight and is finished in a distinctive baked blue enamel.

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Take Back Your Guitar’s Tone!
For years, guitar players have been complaining that when they connect their guitar to a wireless system, the guitar sound changes. For this reason, many players have resisted going wireless. Now Radial Engineering, makers of the popular Radial Tonebone distortion pedals and the Radial line of direct boxes, has introduced a new product called the Dragster, a passive load correction device that connects between guitar and active buffered circuits to reintroduce the natural tone of the instrument as if it was connected directly to an amplifier.

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