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Welded I-beam construction makes it impossible to torque the PC board. This virtually eliminates cold solder joints – the No.1 cause of system failure in the field.
An innovative ‘slide-in-place’ XLR trace makes it possible to use I-Beam girder construction.
A digital switching power supply steps-up the internal rail voltage to 9-Volts. The J48 will not choke like other DI’s when hit with large transients.
A military-grade PC board is employed for maximum wear and tear in abusive environments. Welded steel standoffs ensure the PC board will not shift.
A -15dB pad allows super hot inputs such as that from a CD player to be connected and balanced for long runs.
Momentary 48V Check LED will flash once when the 80Hz filter is depressed to tell you phantom power is present.
The Merge function turns the input & thru into ‘left & right’ inputs to mono mix at the XLR output. This handy function saves valuable inputs on the mixer!
The input is connected to the instrument.
The thru-put is connected to the instrument amplifier. The J48 has a high input impedance to reduce loading.
Our book-end design creates a protective zone around the switches & connectors for best protection!
A heavy-duty baked enamel finish for excellent durability and great looks for years! 100% 14-gauge steel construction.
The 600 Ohm balanced XLR out is mic level to properly match concert splitters – will drive 1000 feet without appreciable noise.
A polarity reverse switch flips the polarity from the AES standard Pin-2 to Pin-3 on the XLR and is used when combining sounds that may be out of phase.
An 80Hz low-cut (highpass) filter gently reduces excessive bass for more headroom and clarity. Eliminates run-away resonant feedback from acoustics!
The ground-lift disconnects the ground path to the transformer at the XLR output. This is used when a ground path is made at the input side such as with a keyboard.
A no-slip full bottom pad reduces mechanical vibration, improves electrical isolation and keeps the J48 from moving around on busy stages!

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A Great-sounding Active Direct Box
Over the past quarter century, sound systems have evolved as have the instruments that are now used. The listener has also evolved. CD quality sound is no longer a luxury, but expected. Only now are we beginning to hear and appreciate the advantages of a good direct box. A good DI must provide a wide distortion-free frequency response and the dynamic range to handle today’s powerful instruments.

Radial J48 at a Glance:
Active 48-Volt phantom powered direct box.
Minimal power draw with high rail voltage.
Will not choke when driven hard.
Low inter-modulation distortion.
Innovative merge function.
80Hz highpass roll-off filter reduces mud and increases headroom.
The Radial J48 is an active direct box that has been specifically designed to work around the limited current that is available with 48-Volt phantom power, and do so while delivering the pure and natural sound of the instrument. A unique switch-mode supply steps up the internal rails to allow an input signal of up to 10V without any noticeable distortion.

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