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Isolated XLR connectors to eliminate chassis ground potential.
Active balanced circuit drives long cable runs without signal loss.
Audio Transformers on both inputs provide 100% isolation to eliminate hum and noise causing ground loops.
14-Gauge steel welded I-beam construction makes it impossible to torque the PC board.
High grade switches – long life, high cycle for reliable performance.
Military spec PC board with full surface ground plane to reduce RF noise susceptibility.
A -10dB pad reduces the level going into the JPC from loud sources that could overload the circuit and cause distortion.
48V Power on LEDs lets you know that phantom has been turned on and is powering the two channels.
1/4″ TRS connector that will also work with 1/4″ mono instrument signals!
1/8″ TRS connector designed for PCs and laptops, makes connection easy with standard 1/8″ to 1/8″ cable.
Twin RCA connectors are great for connecting DVD/CD players and video machines. RCA thru-puts for flexibility.
Book-end design creates a protective zone around the switches & connectors – Indestructable 14-gauge steel construction.
Twin balanced XLR male output connectors; AES standard with Pin-1 ground and Pin-2 hot.
Full no-slip rubber bottom pad provides mechanical isolation, electrical insulation and ‘stay-put-ability!’
Heavy-duty baked enamel finish for excellent durability and great looks for years!
Side mounted ground-lift disconnects the ground path to the transformer at the XLR output. This is used when a ground path is made at the input side such as with a computer or rack module.
The JPC offers a myriad of input connector options to simplify interfacing your computer, DVD/CD, MP3 player or other consumer audio device with the world of AES standard professional ballanced equipment. As with all Radial products, only the highest professional standards are used inside and out, in circuitry and construction.

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A Smart DI for Sound Cards, AV Post and Electronic Media
The Radial JPC is a two-channel hybrid direct box designed to address the demand for interfacing computer sound cards, consumer electronics and other gear to professional sound systems. The JPC features two active 48V phantom powered channels in a compact, rugged enclosure. The JPC combines an active drive circuit, for long cable runs, with transformer isolated inputs to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Radial JPC at a Glance:
Stereo DI for computer sound cards & A/V.
Transformer isolation eliminates ground loops.
Converts -10db to balanced XLR mic level.
Active drive circuit for long cable runs.
Compact design – may be J-Rak mounted.
48V phantom power eliminates batteries.
Ultra rugged 14-gauge steel construction.

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