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* Red LED that pulse in the same way the Lamp Bulb interact inside the unit so you can “see the

SPEED” of the effect.

* Volume: sets the output volume.

* Speed: sets the effect’s speed in either mode.

* Intensity: sets the effect’s intensity or depth.

* CHORUS – VIBRATO Mode ROCKER SWITCH: sets whether Chorus mode or Vibrato mode is activated.

* CANCEL Footswitch: activates the lamp Bulb to swirl the effect or turn off the lamp to use as

a Pre-Amp like original Uni-Vibe’s does.

* Expression pedal jack: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) output jack (Amphenol) for an expression pedal,

allowing to control the effect’s speed with your foot (EXPRESSION PEDAL NOT INCLUDED)

* POWER SW. ON/OFF: Allows the current to flow into the circuit.

* TRUE BYPASS: Premium quality 3PDT True Bypass footswitch to turn the effect ON/OFF.

* INSTRUMENT: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) input jack (Neutrik) for instruments.

* OUTPUT: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) output jack (Neutrik) for amplifiers or other effects.

* INPUT: 100, 120, 127, 220, 230, OR 240Vac or Custom Made Transformer/ OUTPUT: 14Vac ~ 200mA

* Soft Rocker Switch RED / WHITE: Hand painted with airbrush and lacquered with enamel paint

with a glossy finish.

* Fuse socket with a fuse inside that is there to protect the circuit in case there is an

overload on the voltage. The unit comes with 2 Fuses, one fuse inside the socket and one outside

as a backup.

* 100% Hand Wired & Hand Weldings.

* 100% analog circuit.Material: Aluminium enclosure.Size: Length 182mm x Width 115mm x Height

60mm.Weight: 925grs. Aprox.

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The Sabbadius Funky-Vibe painstakingly replicates the sound and vibe of an original 1960s Uni-Vibe pedal, a favorite of Jimi Hendrix and other guitar legends. Sabbadius Custom Shop spent years tracking down the correct components to perfectly recreate this legendary effect.

The Funky-Vibe is filled with rare components, like Matsushita transistors and even NOS (New Old Stock) bulbs. Like the original, the Chorus / Vibrato rocker switch selects between classic Hendrix swirl or subtle pitch modulation. Plus, you can choose between True Bypass switching or “Cancel”. “Cancel” turns off the effect, but keeps your signal going through the Uni-Vibe’s wonderful, warm sounding preamp. Plus, the Funky-Vibe runs on the correct voltage, for its proper vintage tone!


68 Version:
The 1968 Honey Unicord Uni-Vibe pedal is the one that’s started all… most famously used by Jimi Hendrix! The Sabbadius 68 Funky-Vibe was designed to replicate that original 1968 Honey Uni-Vibe. Its tone is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, on the “Axis: Bold As Love” album, and has a faster speed than the Sabbadius Funky-Vibe 69 and Fillmore East versions.

69 Version:
The 1969 Uni-Vibe pedal was the one that was most famously used by used Jimi Hendrix during in his Woodstock performance, plus Robin Trower, and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on “Breathe.”. The 1969 Uni-Vibe pedal was made by Shin-ei in Japan, when Honey Unicord went into bankruptcy. Shin-ei changed some of the inside components, which make the 1969 Uni-Vibe pedal sound slighty different than the 1968 Uni-Vibe. The Sabbadius Funky-Vibe 69 was designed to replicate that original 1969 Shin-ei Uni-Vibe pedal.

Fillmore East Version… the Special Edition!:
The Fillmore East Funky-Vibe is a Sabbadius nod to Jimi Hendrix’s Fillmore East performance. When the Honey Unicord company filed for bankruptcy, and switched to Shin-ei, there where some parts used in the 1968 Uni-Vibe, and others in 1969 Uni-Vibe, so the Sabbadius Fillmore East is a mix of the 68 and 69 Uni-Vibe pedal. Plus, the Fillmore East uses old vintage NOS (New Old Stock) photocells, that give this version of the Funky-Vibe “some kind of extra mojo” according to its creator, Nico Sabbadius.

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